Dunkin Donuts Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

A recent Dunkin’ Donuts customer satisfaction survey revealed that only 34 percent of customers like eating at the drive-through. The bad news? It seems like such a minor gripe by most customers.

For starters, most of us are too impatient to go to a drive through for donuts. There is enough of the hustle and bustle of the regular store. The only other option out there is to order online. And that can be a huge pain in the butt. We have to sit there and wait while it gets prepared, then we have to get in our car and drive it to the store.

The worst part is when the food is actually bad! It’s been years since I’ve been inside a drive-through, and it’s always made me hungry or run for the nearest sandwich shop. Most places serve decent food – the occasional burger or sandwich, if you’re lucky. But not a good sandwich.

In this case, the solution seems obvious. We’d much rather go to Dunkin’ Donuts when we want a bag of donuts. Then again, this is just one customer satisfaction survey. What about the people who order take-out?

Dunkin Donuts Customer Survey Guide

When it comes to telldunkin customers, the story is different. Many of them are annoyed with the entire process. They either get a sub-par sandwich or worse, an over-salad. And then there’s the inconvenience of the free coffee they get with your order! It can be a total pain.

So what’s the solution? If you’re going to be a customer for many years, is it worth it to pay a few more cents for an upscale (but still cheap) breakfast sandwich? This is one of the main factors in customer satisfaction. Whether you agree with it or not, everyone has to make money somehow.

This is why companies have turned to customer satisfaction surveys to try to figure out what is making their customers mad. Some studies have shown that the answer to this question can help companies greatly. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but over time, it can really make a big difference. You see, when someone is mad at their bill, they are less likely to spend money at your business.

While this isn’t always the case, it is a very important question to ask your customers. Taking a “dunkin’ donuts” and a “coffee” survey together can really reveal some hidden frustrations. Hopefully, by taking this simple survey, you will be able to better serve your customers.

The “dunkin’ donuts” question asked a lot of questions. These included whether they preferred to order the donuts in person, to buy in-between-the-lines, or to get delivery. They were also asked about their experience with the donuts, how often they come in for breakfast, if they would return to this store again, if they would recommend this business to others, if they would try this business if they were in your shoes, and a host of other questions. These questions became the basis for this research. What they found surprised them.

More than half of the customers surveyed said they wouldn’t go back to their original store. Why? Because they weren’t happy with the first place they shop! It was apparent that this was a familiar pattern. And it turned out that most of the complaints about Dunkin’ Donuts center on coffee.

This is ironic. The reason most customers give for not wanting to go back is because they either don’t like the taste of their coffee, or they say their coffee tastes better at other coffee shops. Yet, many of these same customers will be quick to tell you how wonderful their ‘junk’ food is! So, it appears that coffee, or the lack thereof, isn’t what keeps people from coming back. So what is it? It seems that many customers are unhappy with one aspect of the coffee experience: the container.

People who order donuts from Dunkin Donuts are quick to complain about the taste of their coffee and ask about Dunkin Donuts secret menu. However, when offered a choice between coffee that comes in a box or coffee that comes in a cup, more than half of the customers surveyed choose the latter. The reason for this is clear: the coffee in a box is generally less tasty than coffee that comes in a cup. This might seem like a petty complaint, but the fact that Dunkin’ Donuts customers are willing to give a preference to something over and above just how much salt and sugar they’re paying for when ordering donuts is clear evidence that something else might be missing from the equation.

In fact, the main complaint about coffee service isn’t that it tastes bad (although that’s a close second). The real problem that customers have with the coffee service, according to a recent Dunkin’ Donuts survey, is that they don’t get their coffee order right the first time. Nearly a third of all customers say that they always get coffee that is “too hot” or that has an unpleasant odor. By contrast, only 15% of customers say that they ever get their coffee orders wrong.

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