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  1. Canon is a 2001 Energy Star Partner of the year, also in 2001/2003/2005
  2. KIP printers and systems are 100% toner efficient, no toner waste bottle
  3. KIP printers have an automatic image rotation & media selection feature to ensure minimum
    paper waste.
  4. The GSA has awarded Sharp both its "Green contractor Award" an "Evergreen Award" for its
    office copier division.
  5. OCE Eco‐friendly printers average maximum ozone emissions are about one‐tenth that of
    conventional printers.
  6. Using recycled paper over 60 months at 4500 sq.ft. per month saves 38 trees, 877 gallons of oil,
    9200KWH of energy and 15,750 gallons of water.
  7. CES sells recycled bond media for most brands of small and large format equipment.
  8. CES sells refilled and remanufactured ink & laser cartridges with 100% guarantee.


  1. Canon plotters allow you to plot in economy color mode so you can reduce ink consumption by
  2. You can recycle your ink and laser cartridges through CES.